Describe Myself In Social Work

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1) Please briefly describe yourself in terms of the bio-psycho-social domains that characterize who you are. A way to describe myself in terms of the bio-psycho-social domains that characterize who I am is that some personal qualities that equip me for the social work profession is that I am very responsible, compassionate, I have good judgment, I am very determined, and I can be very flexible when it comes to adapting to change. I believe that I am very responsible when it comes to conducting myself ethically and allowing clients to gain trust in within me which comes along with confidentiality issues as well as being a role model by showing that I am accountable for all of my duties as a social worker. Showing compassion is a quality in which I always show with not only clients but also my peers. Understanding the needs of people and their concerns shows that I am able to make the right choices for clients. Taking my time with people and listening always helps me know a person better as well as understand what they are going through and what I am able to do to help. Making good judgement is not something that I only do in the work force but also in my everyday life. Gathering information and learning everything that I possibly can from it is what’s most important to me. Figuring out all the intimate pros and cons of my choices and imagining what all of the possible consequences may be rather its good or bad. I make sure that the best possible outcome is always

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