Describe The Relationship Between God And Pegy

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On 06/15/15, God gave me the opportunity to witness to a 57 year old African America about the Lord. The conversation was very unique because Peggy Myers began to convey to me the problems she was having in her immediate family. She stated that she was no longer in love with her husband because she later found out in their marriage that he had father several children in his first marriage that he never told her about. She also stated that he was married when they first met 27 years ago, but he never told her. I asked Peggy did she love him, she replied, “no.” She said that the feelings that she had for him no longer exist because he was living a double life and that he never told her. I asked her was he still married to the other women she replied, “He was not honest with her.”…show more content…
Then she began to tell me that she and her younger daughter had just gotten into a physical altercation the night before. I asked Peggy did she have a relationship with the Lord, she stated, “Not like I should.” I asked her why? She stated that she was afraid of falling from him. I told her that God loved her and that he wanted to use her for his glory. I also shared with her that God was not looking for her to get her life together before asking for forgiveness Jesus. I told her the story of David being the apple of God’s eye, yet he had another woman husband killed because he wanted her, and how that Moses who was used to bring the Israelites out of bondage never enter the promise land because he had failed to do what God had commission him to
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