Describe Your Company'S (Client’S) Progress Within Each

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Describe your company 's (client’s) progress within each stage of competing on analytics.
As a data consulting firm, it is tough not to consider my company as an analytical competitor. We regularly conduct webinars and trainings to stay ahead of this constantly evolving industry. We have teams creating algorithms that produce forecasting models within 99% confidence windows, while other teams are exploring different ways to enhance live data for every client. Data is “the primary driver of performance and value” (Davenport, Harris, p.36) for my company, but my client is not at the same level. They are deep within stage 3 and slightly moving towards stage 4. For the past two years, they have been using analytics as a guide for marketing …show more content…

We have been unable to develop a tool that accurately generates leads or one that forecasts sales out 3-5 months. To increase capital through new clients, we have sales teams going out to display our previous clientele and project history. Currently, we produce services instead of products. Our consultants in the U.S. work closely with clients while the teams in India work to develop high-level statistical strategies.

How does your company compete internally on analytics?
I first want to dive into the financial reporting instruments that play a major role within my company. The bank’s data is constantly moving, so we have incorporated live dashboard tools, such as Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, to their Intranet. The programs are linked directly to multiple SQL codes that pull live demographic and transactional data with the purpose of increasing insight into future decisions around the corporation. Recurring reports used to be delayed by weeks due to the required manual updates, but our live reports now give final results just as the new data reaches the databases. Our analysts have also been trained to use recurring scorecards as a grading system so the bank’s upper-level management can analyze production down to each individual cardholder. This is a major factor in all rewards-based promotions and card incentives they release.
We currently have 4 teams directed towards

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