Descriminalization Of Women In Advertising

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The success of companies relies on the number of consumers that each business maintains. The one for sure way to acquire consumers is by enticing the party to become interested. Word of mouth can only get businesses so far, which is why advertisements are a key point to accessing the target market on a broad margin. The most effective way to advertise to consumers is by promoting specific ideas and thoughts through commercial advertisements. All commercials are found in-between something, in-between YouTube videos, television shows, and radio shows. The most important element to advertising a product is conveying to the consumer about why one should purchase the product. Commercial advertisements ultimate goal is to sell the product to the…show more content…
Clearly men can not physically transform into a solid piece of chocolate which is an obvious over exaggeration for what the product provides for the consumer. Another complete over exaggeration is when the women bites a piece of the chocolate mans’ butt. By flooding the entire commercial with exclusively sexualized women allows the implication that all women cannot control oneself when around chocolate and that men are not drawn to chocolate. This paints a picture in a male perspective that one does not have to court a woman, but merely spray a chocolate scented body spray, and the women will come. As seen in the commercial the man does not bring the woman a get well present but feels the presence of oneself is enough. The women in this commercial were directed to use sexuality in order to amplify the product because as the saying goes, “sex sells”. This advertisement creates an image in a male minds of all ages to look at women as a sexual being, and not like equals. Finally, during the commercial the chocolate coated man also breaks of a piece of the nose and distributes it to two women, conveying a message that there is enough chocolate for all the women. This message mocks monogamy and empowers the idea of men not needing to stay faithful to one woman at a time. The overall message is very clear, buy this product, use this product and the ladies will come
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