Description Of A Business Course

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Microeconomic analysis

Samnang Chhim

Keller Graduate School of Management


January 25,2015

Professor Christopher Nguyen

Situation A My situation has to do with my niece Jenny. Jenny is a super intelligent high-school student who wants to make intelligent choices about her future so she’s decided to call upon me for advice in regard to possibly pursuing a career as a doctor and on the best location to practice medicine. She got wind that I am currently taking a business course in economics and decided to e-mail me for information on the market for physicians in terms of supply and demand, elasticity, costs of production, pricing, and economic profit and loss. As a caring uncle, I definitely recognize the significance of choosing a career in medicine. I truly want Jenny to be armed with the most valuable and pertinent information on the topic possible, so I decided to educate myself about the market for physicians. With this information I provided hopefully, Jenny will have the tools she needs to make an educated decision and evaluation on her career choice… In terms of quantity, the demand for health care services in the United States shows that society is willing to pay the minimum price in order to avail their services in the future. The demand of the physicians depends on several factors such as needs of the population, some of the economic constraints of the people such as their income level and prices they are facing, other…
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