Description Of A Multiplayer Online League Of Legends

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If one has never played a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game before (commonly referred to as a MOBA) it can seem like a daunting and yet entertaining task. After taking the time to select and download the game you are wanting to play, such as Smite, Dota 2, and the most popular game currently, League of Legends. Each game begins with the player picking a character with unique abilities, and getting teamed up with 4 other players with the objective of getting to the opposing teams base on the opposite side of the map and destroying it. To get there, they have 3 different lanes they can run down, and a fourth lane of sorts running down the middle of the field, known as the jungle. This lane connects to the other three, and provides fast …show more content…

Early in the game, team members will split up and use certain lanes based off their character abilities and roles set forth in their common usage and design. For example, someone whose character heals others or can take a lot of damage defensively might pair up with another player whose abilities mean they need protection early in the game until they level up and gain more power and defense. With this level of teamwork in place, ideally players would pay attention in the character selection screen and pick a character that fills a role currently needed by the rest of the team. Unfortunately, just as in real life this does not usually happen, since other people might have their own reasons for playing as a certain avatar. This extends out on to the playing field, with people wandering the field as they like, leaving their teammates or even entire lanes defenseless and open for attack. This also makes players more prone to attack from an enemy, and in this game killing someone on the other team leads to a decent amount of gold and experience for the other team, making them a stronger opponent, a move known as “feeding” the enemy. Sometimes this is all just happening due to a gamers’ inexperience, and they’ll issue a quick “sorry” in chat before attempting

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