Description Of A New Map From North America

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IGN (Include Previous Names Also):
Poxey: Previous names Age:
14, November , 17 , 2002

North America


How many hours can you play each day?
1 hour per day. So far I have 8 hours of playtime on Small Hcf and it has been 2 days since of SOTW.

Have you had any past experience?
ToxicHCF) I have been a staff member on toxichcf and I was a mod on that current server. It was a hardcore faction and a practice server. On every eotw theres always a kitmap open and everone plays on it and while they do the builders on toxichcf would help make a new map with the higher staff. For staff under Mod+ and they would speculate the Practice server and the kitmap server. You usually …show more content…

My rank was trail-mod with in 4 weeks and yet I dinnit get promoted which I mean I was more active and more helpful than all of these staff members and yet I never had a promoted rank. But the console did get hacked sadly.

DeltaHCF) This server is recent. I have been staff for 4 weeks. I have been a good staff member on there but yet I never gotten promoted. I have banned , mute , and tempbanned players off of this server which I had proof of me getting proof of me banning hackers ect. - Xrayer admited - Muted

- Banned hackers

I had much more bans but I dinnit want to overflow with them.

Thats just proof of me being active and always online to ban and mute players.

Proof of me being staff on there →

AgonyMc ) I was staff on AgonyMc. I was a staff on this factions server. I have been staff on there for 3 weeks. I was a Mod on there as you can see down below. The server was non-toxic. The server was a very fun server!

Proof of me being staff on here →

DucksFaction) I was a Mod on this server and I was the first one which got accepted. As a staff member it comes in responsibility. I know when it comes to 50 players its not much. But I did love the server but I mean the server was super toxic including the stsaff members. I decied to retire. It was a kit pvp

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