Description Of A Supply Chain

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Date: 11/11/2014 Supply Chain Analyst I Index Page 1) Description of Job Role (2) 2) Job Role Impact the Supply Chain (3) 3) Key Competencies (4) 4) Standard Education & Professional Education (5) 5) Typical Day of life activities in this role (6) 6) Weekly Activities…show more content…
She/he is an integral part of the supply chain planning and analytics of organization distributor center. This position will serve as the business matter expert in the area of supply chain and will be responsible for managing multiple work streams for supply chain modeling and analysis in the context of redistribution center, global sourcing initiative, steady state optimization and other analysis requests. The Supply Chain Analyst will work with external and internal customers on various projects to propose an optimized future state supply chain. • Be a business matter expert and leader in supply chain designing, modeling, and analysis • Communicate with internal customers or external customers to understand the business model to obtain result. Coordination and communication is wide ranging including Manufacturing and Technical Centers, Sales & Marketing, global and domestic logistics assets, customer care, retail operations and dealers. • Coordinate with key stakeholders and help in developing strategies, assumptions and supply chain analysis deliverables • Uses analytical and quantitative methods to understand, predict and enhance supply chain processes. Responsible for assembling data, analyzing performance, identifying problems and developing recommendations, which support SCM planning, and operations. • Research, select and
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