Description Of Human Papillomavirus

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Human Pappillomavirus is most commonly known as HPV and is the most common sexually transmitted disease with 360,000 new cases reported annually (Maurer 2016). HPV is a virus and it should be noted that it is not a singular virus. It is made up 100 viruses that are closely related. The difference however, is the severity of the specific strands of HPV. It is of the Family- Papillomarviridae, the Genus- Alphapapillomavirus and the species - Human Papillomavirus . The DNA which characterizes HPV is distinctly circular shaped, double chain and within it holds an estimate 8000 base pairs. This virus is located within the body specifically inside of thin, flat cells which are scientifically known as epithelial cells. Epithelial cells are …show more content…

These two proteins interact and act on the proteins p53 and Rb which are tumor suppressor proteins. The outcome of their interaction is the inactivation of these proteins in the host.
Research conducted by Castellsagué and a few other colleagues, in a control environment, indicate that some women have naturally occurring protection within their bodies, against HPV owing to naturally occurring antibodies. Studies conducted by the same researchers on animals identified the neutralizing antibody to the virus as coat protein L1 (Castellsagué, Naud, Chow, et al. 2014). Recombinant L1 proteins have the ability to impromptu self-assemble to become a highly immunogenic structure which closely resembles the natural surface of native papillomavirus virions.
Infectious Disease Information: HPV, as earlier stated is not a single virus: it is a group of 100 viruses. The most common mode of transmission for the virus is sexual contact. It is in fact estimated that every sexually active adult will be infected with at least one type of HPV at some point in their life. There is a reported 6 million new infections every year in the US alone, with a bulk of these being among teenagers and people in their early 20’s (Ault & Pahud 2015). It is documented as the main cause of

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