Description Of The Business Model

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Final Project- MBA620 1. Description of the Business Model Making the decision on whether to go forward with a start-up verses purchasing a franchise can be a difficult one. Many factors have to be considered in order make the best sound decision for that individual. Thankfully, many resources have been established so that research can be found easier. “There are also many options as far as entrepreneurial ventures are concerned. One of the most common decisions entrepreneurs face is whether they should start up their own business or invest in a franchise. While both opportunities involve various amounts and types of risk they also hold the potential for individual benefits as well.” (Get Busy Media) Below is research that shows the…show more content…
It ensures professional freedom with limitless potential. • Low-entering costs o Owner can start small if capital is limited (Sen, Pramita) (Markovic, Marija) Disadvantages • Culture shock o Owner may experience a culture shock from being gainfully employed by someone to owning their own business o Profits may be delayed • High Commitment/more responsibility o Time spend
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