Description Of The Small Portable Cooking Stove And The Miniature Gas

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7:30 PM As Tom unloads the small portable cooking stove and the miniature gas can that looks like a fire extinguisher out of his pack, he begins to assemble the cooking contraption. As Tom is hard at work on this, the crew and I hear a very loud commotion coming from the campsite fifty yards up the trail. As we gaze closely the other campsite through the trees, we can just barely make out some kind of large animal tromping around through the site. The campers then start to yell “Bear, bear,” as they scurry hurriedly to get pots, pans, sticks, spoons and anything else that might make a noise loud enough to scare away a black bear. Those campers’ hollers of “Bear, bear!” are all we need to hear to know what we have to do. Within …show more content…

Together with all of the other campers, we shout with our voices and clang with our kitchenware, looking like a band of crazed savages all the while. Within a minute, the pretty young bear has had enough of the overwhelming noise and decides to give up the hope of a meal from the packs of the campers. As the black bear bounds off into the woods behind him, the campers cheer in victory, like an army in celebration after winning a victorious battle. The excitement of the incident dies down and I, along with everyone else, head back to my campsite to continue dinner preparations with my crew. Tom hooks up the stove to the gas can and gets a small gas fire going as Justin and Jarrett return with water in a pot to be boiled. They set the pot onto the stove, and all that is left in terms of supper preparation for right now is to wait. While we wait, the crew and I work to get our tents set. Each pair of tent mates works together to set up their tent. Alicia and Sherry, my mother, work together, Jarrett and Hunter work together, and Justin and I work together as well, working to get our tent set up before the sky gets too dark for us to see what were are doing. Tom, our crew leader, is the odd one out and has a small tent of his own. After I remove the tent from the clips attached to my backpack, Justin spreads the large grey

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