Descriptions Of A Community : An Overview Of Richmond Community

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Area Description Living outside of Richmond city is a very diverse experience. I live in a small, rural area surrounding the city about 20 minutes away from the center of downtown. Directly in the city is a mix of wealth, poverty, race, and lifestyles. My closely surrounding area is mainly upper-middle class and very agricultural. However, there are pockets of poverty and more suburban areas. In Richmond city, there is a large number of international citizens, an innumerable amount of cultures are represented downtown. Along with this, there is a fairly large refugee population residing in Richmond now. As I have gotten older, I have noticed the lack of interest most families have in the city of Richmond when they live on the outskirts of …show more content…

Intercept Youth Services started as a large, innovative group home. Today, it has developed into a full service provider for the youths and families in the Commonwealth area. Their mission is simply states “to make a lasting positive impact on those we serve: children and youth, their families, and the agencies that support them.” IYS is very proud of their LifeBridge Continuum of Care, an all inclusive set of 12 services for families experiencing trauma, home-based services, community homes, transitional needs and much more. They provide a 24/7 Crisis One phone line that provides immediate help to callers. Virginia Community Action Partnership is a membership of several organizations nationwide. They seek to serve and alleviate the hardships of those in poverty. They offer area specific outreach projects and programs to their area. Encompass Home Health is a hospice organization. They are Medicare certified home health, hospice, and pediatric services. This serves the very sick population as well as gives their families support. Archstone Counseling and Treatment is a private counseling center with many forms of counseling for for those struggling with substance abuse. This is an organization that serves the local community of those struggling with addiction and wishing to overcome it. FeedMore is the overall

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