Descriptive City Life

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For many people around the world, the city life is a good life, if you’re lucky enough to afford it. Spending your day wandering in a daze, taking in the scene of the overbearing buildings staring down at you as you walk past them. Maybe you decide to catch a ride on the cable car from Market Street, and make your way over to Pier 39 to take a walk by the water. Maybe you’ll partake in watching the mass spectacles of the street performers begging for money because they can barely afford the city rent. I don’t blame them I mean, who can really? But that’s the city for you. It is full with diverse cultures, quaint little shops, grand sculptures, magnificent architecture…ahhh yes the lovely architecture. If that’s what you aspire to create, San Francisco is the place to be. It is an absolute dream, a must go destination stop that you never want to leave, unless you actually live there. It is often easy to forget the alluring nature of the city when you need to get anywhere by car. Going to work is an absolute nightmare. I sit back watching the unavoidable scene unravel, like it does everyday. I see the enraged faces of commuters on their way to the office, some are angry at each other, others at the lifeless thing at the end of the road. There it is, an enormous building towering over every person who walks under it. How is it that a giant piece of metal has the capability of creating a whole lot of chaos? Construction causing delays, roads becoming more narrow than the day

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