Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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tightly bracing for impact when another dog like animal knocked it off it’s feet, roaring loudly. It wasn’t bald like the other creature, it was covered in fine purple and black hair its eyes and nose were scrunched up like it was caught in a permanent scowl, still he was thankful that the ugly pug had just jumped in. Phoenix couldn’t help but note the gashes and scars all over the beast like it’d previously been in battle. The purple beast was substantially smaller than the other but a lot more solid and must have had a deathly strong grip. Phoenix ran over to where Allen and Ellie sat on the road with Crayton as the two animals fought around them.
“He’s gone” Ellie whispered, her eyes shining with tears and memories.
Allen wrapped his arm around her shoulder and Phoenix whispered his condolences. A large crack had all three of them whirl their heads just in time to see the vicious dog creature fall to the ground, it’s neck twisted in an awkward angle and the animal that had saved them start to fall even smaller in size, it’s shoulders twisted and popped out of place before locking back in. It’s nose grew longer and browner and Phoenix’s heart could have leapt out of his chest.
“KOSAR” He screamed turning to Ellie and Allen who’s faces had brightened significantly at the sight of the small dog “No wonder Mike let me keep him!” he laughed
Ellie smiled as Kosar walked over to her and rested his head in her lap, the sun was starting to come up, Phoenix wondered if the

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