Learning To Swim Analysis

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The sound of sirens mixed with flashing lights and gusting winds beating from the long helicopter blades greets you as you make your way from the stone wall to the front teal blue door that awaits you. A two story yellow tinted house that has been created into our own home over the past fifteen years, will soon be left sitting along the side of the ally on the right and the storage units to its left. In three short years learning to swim in the clear blue water that sits behind the house on Massie Street, playing Christmas games with family, and watching helicopters land will all become a part of the house that built me. Inside the cream colored fence is a world of happiness. As a six year old little girl with wild crazy blonde hair and bright green eyes I would make my way into the water with no idea how to swim. As my sister would already be in the clear blue water splashing and pretending to be a mermaid would soon stop what she is doing to give swimming lessons to her little sister. We would start at one end of the shallow water and start by kicking our feet and moving our arms out then to the side, as if we were making our way through a field of flowers and pushing them out of the way to make a path for our small feet. After going out every morning I would inch my way to the eight foot deep side of the pool just to practice. Years later, family members as well as friends would come inside the gate to happiness to swim and cookout. I, now fifteen would pass along my

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