Descriptive Essay About My Neighborhood

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In between the busy streets of 35th avenue and 43rd lies my silent and kind neighborhood. Where everyone is nice to each other and not lousy or mean. About two months ago, my mother bought our first home. My house looks like a duplex because there are two entrances, one on the left and right and it also has two drive ways. Turning into my neighborhood you right away see that it is a dead end street, and has very few houses one each side of the road. There is not really anything that grabs one's attention where I live, except a 2017 mustang that is parked next door, or how many stray cats there live here.. Other than that a true attention catcher is our neighbors well kept yard. They have bushes along the driveway shaped into a beautiful square. And colorful flowers in their neat front yard. Their grass is also much greener than anyone else’s. You can tell they care about their yard a lot because they have a landscaper come every week. There are also two schools that are across the street, a charter high school that is to the left of an elementary school. What I do like about my neighborhood is that the streets are very wide, wider than usual which gives everyone an advantage. It was so convenient that we lived right across the street from an elementary school. I thought to myself “I have younger siblings that could go there!” But they really couldn't - the school is only from 1st-5th grade and my sisters were just in 6th and 7th grade. In the mornings are usually when I
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