Descriptive Essay About A Restaurant

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From where he was standing he flashed a grin, and I could tell that he was wearing his gold grill. I waved and walked towards him. Surprisingly, he put his arm around my shoulder and kissed me on the forehead. I was a little uncomfortable, and I wasn't sure what to do with my arms, so I left them hanging by my side. We made small talk about a group of motorcycles that were parked near the entrance as he opened the door for me. It was slammed packed. Three large groups of patrons sat several brown wooden benches that were arranged into a conversational setting. While the seats looked uncomfortable, I could tell that the folks that were sitting down were happy to have a seat. We all know anything is better than standing or leaning against the wall. Luckily, we were the only party of two in the full waiting area and as soon as we walked in a young hostess who stood behind a podium. She smiled at us before she asked if we preferred a booth or a table. I shrugged my shoulders while on the other hand, Sterling spoke up, “We'd like a booth, but we'll take a table if there aren't any available.” She looked down at a color coded seating chart of some sort and said, “You're in luck. A small booth by the window just came available. Follow me.” The people that were waiting gave us mean looks as we followed the hostess to our booth. Sterling looked like he couldn't care less but the eye rolling and mumbling bothered me. That's why I sat with my back to the waiting area. The hostess

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