Descriptive Essay About A Wedding

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I’ve had the air kicked out of me playing backyard football with the neighborhood kids, but it isn’t at all comparable to standing in front of a mirror getting ready for my wedding in a much too expensive Brooks Brothers Silver Regent Fit Suit decorated with a lime green bow tie— because at least in my backyard the oxygen came back into my lungs. Today, rays of light beam through the multi-colored leaf shaped windows, creating patterns in the air. The dressing room is library quiet except for the crack of my voice as I practice saying “I do” and the loose planks that creak as I pace the ancient wood floor. I am alone with my wedding planner Marcus who is buzzing all over the place manically scratching items off his checklist. His long scarlet blazer sways like a matador’s red cloth in a bullfight. The muscles he gets from boxing, his favorite hobby, are defined by his tight gray t-shirt, which is paired with too tight denim jeans, accentuating his flamboyant salmon scarf and brown worn Chelsea boots. Not evangelical wedding attire, but I cannot complain. Marcus is quirky, with his elevated mop of tight russet brown ringlets, smooth tawny beige skin, and gigantic Lindor truffle eyes. Just looking at him makes you want to learn more. Marcus stops energetically buzzing around and looks at me after hearing my “I do.” “Are you ok? You don’t look too good.” Marcus inquires. I do not answer and continue to pace the room, thinking of how I can get out of this. Suddenly, I jump as I

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