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Feet in the Sand
As I opened the car door, I was immediately overwhelmed by the wet humid air that grasped me like a blanket would during the wintertime. I made my way out of the car onto the wooded walkway and was taken away by the breathtaking view. The bright yellow sun was beaming high, while the fluffy white clouds floated above me. The deep blue water glistened in the sun and this view simply could not get any better. Gulf Shores, Alabama was the place for a perfect vacation getaway, as well as a place to play beach volleyball. I made the three-hour flight from Grapevine, Texas to Gulf Shores, Alabama to play my all-time favorite sport.
Along with the immaculate view, the sandy beach was covered head to toe with white and black volleyball nets labeled numerically one to 400. I was making my way down the boarded walkway to get to the sand when I touched the stifling hot metal railing and let out an “Ow!,”, never again will I make that mistake. My partner and I made our way to court 150, where we would call home for the next forty-eight hours. We took off our shoes and applied layers of sunscreen to protect our skin from burning, then, we were all geared up to take the court. We made our way to our court as the potent smells of sunscreen were coming from all directions. Step by step, granules of sand were pushing in between each of my toes tickling my feet. This is what I had dreamed of, playing my favorite sport, in my favorite place, and it was all about to become a

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