Descriptive Essay About Basketball Game

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“I’m full,” I said.
“Are you sure you have enough energy to play in the basketball game?” asked Dad, urging me to eat another piece of chicken.
“ Yeah” I said, but the alluring smell of Chicken Tikka Masala wafted over to my nose, and I couldn’t help but to eat two more bites. Our family was having lunch before the Memorial Day basketball tournament. After we finished we got in the car to go to the Convention Center where the tournament was going on . I was very excited because this was the first big tournament I’d ever played in.Thousands of teams from around the country came to play in this tournament.
“Ready for the game?” asked Dad as we got in the car.
“Ready” I responded.
The Convention Center was HUGE! They had over 40 courts under one roof! When we went into one of the arenas, I could see over 20 games going on at the same time. I heard whistles blowing here and there. It took us a while to find what court we were going to play on. I looked at the plastic courts and was worried that it might be hard to play on. They all looked like blue puzzle pieces connected together Then I saw my teammate Gavin, running towards me.
“The team we are playing against is undefeated!” he said in despair. He ran over to tell our coach.
“We’ll be fine” assured our coach calmly, “That just means you’ll have to play twice as hard” The game started but I was on the bench. When someone from our team scored, the bench yelled and cheered the player

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