Descriptive Essay About Cats

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My cats are a strange duo. One desperately yearns for the freedom of the outside world. The other we don’t bring outside for the fear that he’d actually have a heart attack. Cosmo and Newman were pretty much polar opposites. Newman is the one that wants freedom and Cosmo is the one that is perfectly contempt with his everyday life. Newman had light grey fur with a darker shade of fur stripes everywhere else. That is except for his paws which were white. I wanted to name him socks, but we already named one of our cats after a Seinfeld character so we had to go all in. Cosmo was all black causing him to scare me every time I accidentally step on him on my way to bed. One day, when I was six after I got home from school during a cold December day, it was perfectly normal. Except colder than usual. Eventually while sitting in the living room I noticed two cats in the yard. It was no big deal, wild cats live all around our house. However, these ones looked suspiciously familiar. Grabbing my things, I ran outside and see that my fears were correct, it was Cosmo and Newman. I ran after them and in the chaos caught Cosmo. Over the next week, I went on quite the adventure and learned a lesson along the way. The pitiful creature was panicking. The tiny cat was cold and confused. Even though I was mad that he had run away, I couldn’t help but turn on the fire to keep him warm. Zach and I had been friends for years, so I called him and he agreed to help me find Newman. When my parents

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