Descriptive Essay About Cruise To The Sky

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A Cruise to the Sky Always ready for what life has to throw at him, my father pushes through positively. Somehow, he always tends to drag my sisters and me along on his crazy journeys through life. Which is great most of the time, but not so great some of the time. My father and all seven of his siblings had this grand idea to go on a cruise to the beautiful Caribbean Islands. Of course, my sisters and I liked the idea of this journey. My whole family booked the cruise and the preparation began. My dad would take my sisters and me shopping for new clothes and swimsuits. Before the vacation had begun, we lived a great life. The cruise came up on me like winter creeps up on fall. The night before departure I felt anxious. Breathing…show more content…
I know we will have a great vacation,” I tried to rally. “That is the right attitude. Now let 's go have some fun!” I had never been paragliding before. So as before ascending into the bright blue sky I told the boat driver, “Do not let my feet touch the water. I am deathly afraid of sharks and fishes.” He laughingly replied, “I will try not to.” Nervously, I got buckled up and ready to rise into the warm Caribbean air. My stomach started to stir inside me. Feeling like I could have vomited at any minute, I became very pale. Breann, who is my twenty year old sister, said, “Don’t worry. It will be fun and you will never have this experience again. You just need to be brave.” I quietly replied, “Okay. I will be okay. I can do this. Let’s go!” I indeed had a marvelous day. I experienced something I never have before. My feet dangled in the open air like ornaments on a lit christmas tree. They suddenly became tense and tight. The clear blue sea below me sparkled like a giant crystal chandelier. Covered with tourists, the busy beach looked like an anthill. The sun was a golden ball. I giggled as the clouds whirled and zigzagged around me. The softness of the clouds comforted my sun kissed skin. I breathed deeply. The air fresh and crisp like the mountains on a brisk fall morning. Speechless,
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