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Dream Guy

It’s been a long day for Riley and it wasn’t over yet, there’s still night school. Sure, it was only 4 hours, but the kids wore her out today. A 4 and 5-year-old and 6 months old can be a handful for anyone, especially a 16-year-old, but the agreement with her parents, in order to leave her school to help her cousins, Angel and Mike with their kids, was night school. Although she enjoyed being there, it was quite different that home, Riley had friends to hang out with, was able to walk to the movies, the store and could catch a bus to just about anywhere. Consequently, there’s just the little park down the end of the graveled road, making night school a highlight. Along with her was Mike, his sister-in-law, Deb, and her niece, Diane. Mike always drove and Riley stayed pretty quiet during the trips since Mike is really the only one she knows and although Diane’s her age, there’s not much common ground. Diane’s the partying type and more experienced with the opposite sex. Today, she decided to wear her favorite blue with a green tank top, pony-tail her mid back length brown hair, and put on a little make-up to enhance her brown eyes. She was feeling pretty good about it all when they got to class. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Unable to stop giggling at a picture drawn of the teacher on the chalkboard was her downfall, subsequently, he made her sit out the class in the hallway. On the way home there were plenty of jokes and even she

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