Descriptive Essay About My Last Dream

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I don’t quite remember when she first appeared, but I do remember that she kept appearing. She had golden hair, pale skin, and a slim build. Her eyes were a bright blue, almost as if they were pearls at the bottom of a lake, shimmering and ethereal. She wore a white dress complemented by the white heels upon her feet. She stood across from me. Both of our feet were planted on a wide, flat blue landscape. Stars lined the dark blue sky and fireflies buzzed all around us. Overhead, a single dove flew through the sky, feathers gently falling to the earth as it made its way around the dark sky. The girl and I locked eyes. I took a step forward. The water rippled underneath my foot. Without taking another step, I reached out my hand. The girl reached out hers. Just then, my dream ended.

The second dream went slightly different. We were both standing on the water, and stars still filled the dark sky. However, we were closer to each other this time. Taking a look at her, I saw that she appeared to be slimmer than in my last dream. Her mouth was moving, almost as if she was trying to say something. That was it, she was trying to say something! I moved closer to her.
“What are you saying?” My cries seemed to be drowned by the buzz of the fireflies, which seemed to be growing louder by the second. I turned my attention to the girl once more. She was pointing towards the sky. Nodding my head, I looked upward. Above, the dove was flying in the air. Now, it had flown farther away than
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