Descriptive Essay About Football

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While it may not be a recognizable stadium like US Bank Stadium, Clemens Stadium at Saint John’s University holds a lot of meaning to me. While I have never played a game on that turf, I have spent many Saturdays cheering on the Johnnies, playing catch with my cousins and uncles, and helping out on the sidelines with the Chain Gang crew. These long days in the sun, rain, and snow are some of the most memorable of my life. Clemens Stadium means more than football to me. I have learned about perseverance and not giving up when things seem impossible. One game in particular stands out in my mind. My cousin Eric, a senior at the time, played on the Johnnies defense. He had just come back from a year-long recovery from an injury, and we were so excited to watch him on the field. My whole family was there cheering him on. The sun was hot for a game in late fall, and the smell of delicious burgers was in the air. Clemens stadium was packed with cheering fans, and the excitement at the inter-conference matchup was contagious.
Eric had not played throughout most of the season, due to his injury. With just a few minutes left to go in the fourth quarter, the Johnnies needed to get a touchdown to win the game. In this situation, it was very crucial to stop the opponent’s offense from scoring so the Johnnies would have a chance to score a touchdown. All of a sudden, my aunt and I looked up and saw that Eric had been put into the game. Instantly, I got chills from the mixture of
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