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Home is a place where the good and the bad memories happen. Home is where the comfortable side comes out. Only problem is how does home define a person’s character? My favorite place to visit is my grandmother’s and grandfather’s house in Alabama, because it reminds me of my childhood, shows me how far in life I have gotten, and provides a sense of comfort.
My childhood was a journey between living with my grandparents for about six years then, moving to a different state without grandparents. Since we moved several times I never really had solid friends to grow up with, because my dad is in the military and being stable for a certain amount of time was not an option. So, every time I go home it is like seeing old friends, because my grandparents are my best friends without a doubt. No matter what we were doing they always made it fun. Especially, my grandpa he was the class clown of the family. Do not get me wrong he could be serious at the right moment, but as his personality he was a funny person. My grandma is the serious person at times, but she also has that funny side of her. While my childhood was still in my prime they spent as much time with my sister and I. They would take us shopping for clothes, shoes, basically anything we wanted. As I grew older they have had talks with me just about life, and about family. They knew my childhood was coming to a close and started had those serious talks with me to get me ready for the real stuff.
I come from a small town

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