Descriptive Essay About Mother

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We all have a Mother

Mothers, we all have one and the issues that go with them. A mother's influence can be one of the greatest during a child's life. The influence can reach the man who lays dying on the battlefield crying out for his mother. What is it about my mother that would make me call out to her as I lay on the battlefield taking my last breath? My mother's personality is one that can go from one extreme to the other; sometimes in the same breath. I can describe her physically in her present moment but it seems no matter how much she has changed or aged through the years, she remains in the present for my past memories. She is of average short height with, mostly greying, short black hair. Mom is heavy and has fought her weight for as long as I can remember. Her smile can make you "just know everything is going to be ok." On the other hand, her scowl ("that look") can and will make you go above and beyond her demand. Her physical traits would be described as the typical mom but her personality is anything but. Growing up, my mother was a stressed out, a mostly single mother who worked three jobs and was temporarily on food stamps (the old-fashioned paper kind). I had an "every other weekend" father (for a short while) and a full-time step-father which added to her already stressful personality. She made the best of everything and tried so hard not to show how bad things were. Mom made money, food, and good times stretch impossibly far. One moment she
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