Descriptive Essay About Munich

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Munich – A Bavarian Experience

What is your next travel destination? Please don`t bore me with tourist clichés. What about Munich? I bet that it is not your first choice on the list. Leave your French-wine and Greek-ouzo plans for next year. Grab a beer and follow me in an authentic Bavarian experience!
Munich, the capital of the Bavarian region is situated north of the Alps on the River Isar. It is the third largest German city- a perfect blend of cosmopolitan spirit and fascinating historical and cultural heritage.
Let`s start our tour on Marien Square. Marien Platz or as locals often refer to it - the heart of the old Munich – is our first stop. The City Hall or the “Rathaus” will impress you with its imposing architecture. The appearance
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A tour along this monumental avenue from the Field Marshall`s Hall towards the Triumphal Arch offers great insight in Munich`s 19th century architecture.
If you prefer to spend a peaceful afternoon among nature, the English Garden is the right place for you. It is Munich`s green heart in the middle of the vibrant city. For more than 200 years visitors enjoy its beautiful walking trails, sunbathing areas and cosy beer gardens. Yes, you heard me right! This is the charming part of the city culture. In Munich the time between spring and late autumn is all about beer gardens. Sitting under chestnut trees both tourists and locals enjoy fresh tapped beer and traditional Bavarian food.
You haven`t been to Munich unless you see Nymphenburg Palace – one of the greatest royal palaces in whole Europe. The story tells us about Prince Ferdinand Maria who had the palace built as a gift to his wife who gave birth to the long-awaited inheritor – Max Emanuel. Then, the glorious palace was used as the summer residence of the Wittelsbach family. Today, Schloss Nymphenburg is home to two museums and is surrounded by picturesque parklands.
So far, so good, right? Let`s have a look on Munich`s cultural
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