Essay On Governors Palace

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Williamsburg has a plethora of food, culture, and day to day life. One interesting site is the governor’s palace. The first two men who worked on the palace, both died before seeing the finished product. (Edward Nott and Henry Cary). The governor died four years after, and the architect was prosecuted. The governor’s palace is a clear example of past and present importance, and the motto “that the future may learn from the past” Therefore, The Williamsburg board should pass a commemorative coin for the governor’s palace. This is because the palace was the root of many important interactions; both social, political, and economic. Likewise, the governor’s palace was immensely important in colonial Williamsburg; Envisage of all the galas, balls, dinners, and meetings. Many interactions were held there. The palace was also pertinent in the war. Here is a related quote spoken by a William and Mary professor “ Fine Gardens, Offices, Walks, a fine Canal, …show more content…

Its relevance lies in its unique war history. It was a place of business, and sociality. All of this information has value because learning about it can make America more proficient in its ability to look at a situation and respond consummately. The palace is also a great tourist site. People can tour and explore the maze. Thus its germaneness still lives on today. The governor’s palace ultimately relates to the infamous motto “That the future may learn from the past”. This is because astern in the 1800’s the palace made many mistakes. While this is true, the palace was also the home of some of the best leaders. America’s government can look back, and see many improvements the peoples could make to the society. The palace flaunts a certain lifestyle, that while shouldn’t be replicated could be contemplated. All people can look back and realize what changes should be made. All in all the palace is very valuable to people who want to

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