Descriptive Essay About My Grandfather

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When it is my turn to become a bride, I will search until I find a man like my grandfather. He is a loyal husband, caring father, and very good at spoiling his grandchildren. He greets you with a sweet hello and leaves you with a kiss on the cheek goodbye. He focuses on making every day a great one and spreading love to everyone he meets. He is very special to many people even though he is just an ordinary man. What makes him stand out the most is his love for God, love for his family, and the hard work he does on a daily basis.
Larry Jackson was born in 1941 and grew up in Rush Springs, Oklahoma. He often fought with his sister Suzie at night to decide who would be doing the dishes after dinner. One of his greatest memories growing up was stopping by after a long day at school to visit his grandfather, whom he called Pappy. Together they would drink Coca Cola with peanuts in the bottom. When he found out he was going to have a grandchild, Larry wanted to be called Pappy because of his respect and great memories of his grandfather. On Saturday afternoons, Pappy would walk to the movie theater with a quarter in his pocket and his mind set on how he would sneak in numerous movies with one ticket. He would spend a dime to watch a movie. Then use the rest of his money to buy a bag of buttery popcorn and an ice-cold Coca Cola.
Not all of his childhood memories were happy. His father was not always nurturing and supportive during his youth and childhood. As he got older he
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