Descriptive Essay About My Father

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As I sat down at my kitchen counter on Sunday night, I was texting one of my friends and I asked what they were doing, they responded by saying that they were typing up their interview. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t done my interview yet! I scrambled to my parents room to ask my dad if i could interview him for an English project. Thankfully, he groggily agreed to be interviewed. As I sat down on my parents couch across from their bed I realized that I didn’t know all about my dad’s college experiences, and I was grateful to get to know him a little bit more. My Dad is precisely the type of person that I want to be when i am older. Except I don't want to be bald, definitely not that, but besides that he has a lot of outstanding qualities that I also would like to have. He works hard, loves his family, values education and helping other people, and he did a lot of similar activities that I do today. My father’s name is Stephen Hammarstrom, he was born in Hayward California and then a bit later in his life moved to Manteca California, he currently works at Fremont Rideout.
I asked him my first question, “what was your favorite thing about High School?” He thought for a moment to himself and then replied, “Toss up between basketball and jazz band. I also loved serving in ASB too. Loved being friends with lots of different people and helping others.” I was fascinated by my Dad’s interests when he was younger for some reason. I found it incredibly interesting, but

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