Descriptive Essay About My Grandparents

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When I was younger my family moved houses a lot. I never really had a place where I grew up as a child. We moved houses a lot i didn’t really get to have my height on the walls and get to paint my room my own way. However there was one place that never really changed and that was my grandparents house. There house was like my second home I would be over there almost every evening and every weekend. It was my home away from home. I had an area where all of my clothes were so when I slept over it made it easier. I actually lived there for a small amount of time. That house held so many memories for me. I spent so many birthdays and holidays there. When i was there and my grandma was at work I would stay with my grandpa in his garage. He had…show more content…
She would put enough syrup so it would spill over the edges and a cold glass of milk. She always made my pancakes just the way I liked them. They would be crispy on the edges and and soft in the center. After that we would spend the day together. Being the only grandkid at the time I Would get all of her attention so we would play and make crafts all day. One day we decided we wanted to become painters so we went out and bought a lot of colorful paint. We then went back home and set up a painting area on the side of the house. We put out white sheets on the floor and on the side of the house. When we started we were really trying. It was perfect because there was a slight breeze. You could just hear the rustling of the trees and the birds chirping. They lived in an area that was not very busy so we got quietness. We stayed like that for some time. Then my grandma dipped her paintbrush in the container. She didn 't take the excess paint off so it was dripping all over the white sheet. She then gave a smile that said she was up to something. She splattered the paint all over the canvas and the white sheet. She even got some on me. Thats when the paint war started we started to fiick our brushes at eachother. We were covered head to toe with paint. My grandpa came out of the garage to see what all the giggling was about. When he came near us my grandma and i looked at eachother and smiled. We started to flick paint to my grandpa

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