Descriptive Essay About My Last Night

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To my delight, the final night passed by quickly. If I showed discontent, no one commented on it. In fact, Clyde appeared elated to see me, as he swooped in to plant a kiss on my lips; I turned my face away so it landed on my cheek instead. However, he hadn't made any acknowledgements to it. The long awaited reunion between Angelo and I was soon upon us, exuberant euphoria overflowed in abundance. I tried to convince myself, it was solely for his friendship as I selected my favourite dress, the red dress that brings light to Angelo's face, disregarding the fact my body had awoken when it acknowledged his homecoming was tonight. Before Alice's departure for work, she styled my hair into ringlets that cascaded down my back and applied smoky makeup to my eyes. Is it possible I'm trying to recreate my first meeting with Angelo? To gain the attention he gave me that night? All morning, I worked on perfecting my performance, not for the stage, but for composure when within his presence. I invented a mantra to chant over and over, “He's my friend, my best friend' boyfriend, nothing more,” in a feeble attempt to keep my affections at bay. Despite my best efforts, it only fuelled my desires to be near him. As the taxi approaches Club Mustang, a kaleidoscope of butterflies invades my stomach. Furthermore, the hummingbird returns, having missed Angelo as much as I have. By the time the taxi reaches the club, I feel as if I'm drunk on a strong wine. No longer can I compose myself, even

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