Descriptive Essay About New York City

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Placing as the capital of the world financial markets, theater and surrounding fashion, New York City has plenty to offer young people with high dreams. Post one's arrival the astonishingly tall buildings will be sure to catch one's eye! Moving into the jungle of vast buildings, the streets filled with cabs, limos, and cars going in each and every direction you can imagine, leaving behind the aroma of exhaust tracing through the air. Progressing towards the inner city of New York the smell of different restaurants will soon be introduced to one's nose straightaway. Down on the corner of each street be ready to approach a street vendor calling out your name! Heaps upon heaps of pedestrians will be flowing down the sidewalks, reminding one of a stream of diversity. The largest city in the US, New York is an "architectural marvel with plenty of historic monuments, magnificent buildings, and countless dazzling skyscrapers." As stated by A View on Cities states in their most recent web page for the city of New York. Put aside the beautiful views of the architectures New York is overflowing with different opportunities to all of the visitors. New York happens to be the lovely home to plentiful historic museums, huge open parks, fashionable shopping streets, and neighborhoods. The tragedy that many around the world got to know, but not better than the residents of New York City knew it, happened on September 11th of 2001. Located right downtown in New York City, exactly where
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