Descriptive Essay About Running

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You'll never know until you try. This is definitely right when it comes to running; and it is how I found my love for running. Though it can be a sport of endurance or speed, running can release stress and really test your body's limits. It all started at SLV on a cool autumn afternoon. My older brother Silas’s cross-country meet was about to start.All of my family was there. My dad(who looks like a viking and is very tall), my mom(she is very tall and is like my best friend), my younger brother Ezra(cutest 7 year old ever, and loves to look at/find bugs), my younger sister Ruby(same height as me even though only in 4th grade at the time), my grandma (bakes over 2000 cookies every Christmas and always smells like fresh linen), my grandpa(watches golf and does 5 mile hikes every week), and lastly, me. I have really curly hair and I am tall for my age.The starter shot the gun and the runners were off! They did the course and came back onto the track for a great finish. I just knew,”That’s what The time for middle school had finally come. More directly, the time for cross-country had arrived. I was so excited to start practicing that I picked out my favorite shorts and shirt the night before for the occasion. But little did I know that cross-country was not just about going fast and kicking butt, but it is about going just a bit faster, a bit farther, and a bit stronger than when you went in. At practice we ran with the wild wind in our faces, as it poured through my golden

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