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Ring, ring, ring! It was an ordinary sunny monday morning. Rushing out of bed as usual, throwing on some colour clashing clothing, chugging down my tasteless bowl of oatmeal, and running to school, hoping to make it on time. The moment I stepped into school, I felt the monday blues, I was dreading for the weekend to come. At that time, I was only in grade five, all I knew was that school would only bring me ecstasy and never predicted the misery side of it. Nevertheless, I continued to drag myself into my classroom, which was located at the end of hall. It all started out fine, nothing surprising, just normal routines, such as hanging up my bags and coat and taking the attendance. As I was about to respond “here” to my name, the secretary gently knocked on the door. It was a new student, she just transferred from a school in Vancouver. As we welcome her in, she introduced herself to us, and her name is Wivi. Coincidentally, there was a desk unoccupied beside me, and I slowly approached her as she shyly sits down. Conversations with her were fascinating, I discovered that we both like to play the piano and listen to the same band. It has only four hours that I have met her, but it feels like she was my long lost sister, we had so many in common! Just like a puzzle, we click together in a blink of an eye, and we became best friends. At that moment, it felt that I could just spend the rest of my life with her, it was just that perfect! However, this was merely just the

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