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Honking, train tracks, and heckling woke me up. I was in the city that never sleeps. Today was an important day for everyone here, the Yankees were playing. However It was not just a regular game in the season, it was Derek Jeter’s last home game. Countless stories that I’ve have heard about this place were true. The people are loud mouthed, there is no parking, and it smells like pee everywhere. Bronx, New York is truly a place one needs to visit. After my father and I paid twenty dollars for our parking spot, we had to walk 5 blocks to get to the stadium. This was not my first trip through the rugged terrain, my season tickets paid off, I was prepared for these streets and the angry cab drivers. The hectic side walks were as gum filled as my high school desks and the promoters buzzed into anyone’s ear they could influence. No one got along outside of Yankee Stadium, everyone was competing against each other. Whether is was the ticket sharks, homeless looking for change, or cars looking to switch lanes, the controversy was all around.
“Arms up sir” the guard said. I was being searched at the gates. I stepped forward and handed the pretty lady my ticket.
“Enjoy the game honey” she said, and I strolled through heavens gates to see the most beautiful diamond known to sports. I am not the type to spend money stadium food but tonight was special. That aside my father and I headed to the cheesesteak stand then made our way to the seats. Not seats exactly, but the bleachers in

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