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The Greatest Accomplishment The lights, the nerves, and the sound of a screaming crowd that leaves a ringing in your ear. Imagine being a callow freshman player starting on the varsity volleyball team during a state playoff game. My heart was racing, my was mind overflowing with thoughts, and my palms were drenched with sweat. However, I had to consummate the expectations that were put on me by the coaches and my fellow players. I was placed on that court for a reason, and I had to prove to everyone why they had chosen me. Nevertheless, I was the most adolescent player and had the least amount of experience, so why would they pick me? I had grown up playing volleyball for fun, but never participated in club like all of the other girls had. I had no time because I was involved in many other sports like soccer, track, and gymnastics. Coming into my freshman year I didn't know what to expect, because there were several adroit players that were older than me. Making the Junior Varsity team opened up the door for me to become a varsity player. Thus, the varsity coaches would watch the J.V. Games and scout out players that they thought were capable of being pulled up on their team. Even though I was an outside hitter on J.V., they noticed that I had exceptional defense and passing skills. As a result, the coaches asked if I would be interested in being a defensive specialist on the varsity team for the rest of the season. How could I say no to that offer? Our team was

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