Descriptive Essay: My Room

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Descriptive Essay: My Room
My room’s door is painted with Brown Color. It has some scratches at the bottom because of my little brother drawing and scraping it with his pencil colors and also. My German Shepard taps on the door when he wants to hang out with me. I have a poster in my room that is filled with memorable memories of me with my family. That poster is hanged on a wall with a nice frame, colored in brown that matches the color of the dressing mirror in my room. My room is painted with crystal white paint. Narrative Essay: Our First time at Disneyland
It was a summer time hot and sunny day, when I finally took my brother and Parents to Disneyland. My brother Hargun ceaselessly asked me to show him the paradise of many children, with Mickey Mouse
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People that are getting bullied and people that are bullying are both wrong. People that are getting bullied should step up too. For example, if i am getting bullied and do not take any action on it that means I am just letting it happen to me. Cyber bullying is extremely bad because you do not know the person you are talking to like for instance a lot of people have committed suicide because of cyberbullying. For example, If I don't even know the person than I would try to find out who the person is and take further steps…show more content…
Being rich does not mean that you get everything is set up for a person by their family like their parents. Being rich also teaches you a lot of things of maintaining or improving your parent's business or their work. A lot of rich people have it easy for them and that is the main reason they don’t appreciate the work done for them and tend to loose it. Living in poverty gives you life lessons and a person have to start from bottom whereas for rich people don’t have to work hard because of their family or
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