Lord Of The Flies Bullying Essay

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In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the audience witness multiple acts of bullying. In the beginning of the book, when Ralph and Piggy first met they didn't get along well. Ralph was calling Piggy names and making fun of how he was called Piggy. Piggy of course was hurt by this and didn't appreciate how Ralph did this to him. When kids bully each other over devices, I think that that the parents and teachers should work together and try to figure out what is happening and resolve the problem working as a team. But all together it should be the parent's job. They could make sure that they are thoroughly checking their kids phone and to make sure that their kids are open to them and ready to talk about anything they need. …show more content…

Bullies start at a young age and carry on, this helps them feel good about what they are doing and who they are as a person. The only way to make a difference and try to stop bullying and cyberbullying is if the parents are there to help. “Parents of bullies are advised to take the problem seriously, looking for the causes of anger or frustration, letting them know that hurtful behavior will not be tolerated, supervising their behavior more closely, “punishing”bullying with positive acts toward others and teaching nonviolent ways of solving problems.” (PERSONAL HEALTH pg. 3) This illustrates that not only the school and parents but the community to must collaborate to control bullying. Parents need to supervise their children on social media and all places in their life, until the children can understand that this is not okay and that we can stand up to bullying. Bullying and cyberbullying can lead to serious causes to the victims and everyone around them. “It is found that children who bully are at risk for engaging in more serious violent acts, like fighting frequently and carrying weapons.” (PERSONAL HEALTH pg.) This proves that the actions of the bullies are long term effects. If someone is to hurt themselves or one another because of how someone made them feel not only will those certain people be hurting inside but the other family and friends in their lives. All of this combined shows that people do bully and

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