Descriptive Essay On A Golden Retriever

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A golden retriever for a companion is an excellent choice because they are loyal and faithful friends. In general, dogs are always happy to see you, even when you are upset or in a dark time. Even if the owner is mad at them, they will try to make you forgive them by giving you lots of kisses and curling up next to you. They will also keep close when you start walking, so you are always protected by them. Since a golden retriever is a field bred dog, they are very smart and can help you go get things and drag items where you need them. Also it is easy to find a golden retriever in a field because their golden to reddish fur color stands out against the green grass or the bluish green of pool/ocean water. Megan and her dog were just walking through a large grassland-like field when a small blue house came into view. It is quite a lonely little building with a white picket fence surrounding the front yard and nothing is in sight around it but green grass and a long, narrow beach about five miles away. The house looked very tiny, even standing at the gate in front. It was about the size of a classroom with two doors and three windows. The backyard was enormous though, with at least 100 yards in each direction from the house, and it had a pond about 30 feet wide and 60 feet long in the corner that was frozen over, considering that it was a moderately cold day. Since the cold was getting to Megan and Ginger a little, they decided to go inside the house, hoping it would be

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