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Matsumoto came out towing Naoko, now dressed in a pumpkin orange sweater and chocolate brown pants, and positioned her in front of the mirrors.

“There! You look surprisingly attractive in fall colors,” the older woman said with her hands on her hips, looking pleased.

Naoko gave herself a once over, “I prefer winter colors myself, but I suppose this is okay. Are we done now?”

“Okay? You are hard to please,” The blonde pouted. “Shopping is supposed to be fun, how are you not having fun?”

The Quincy plucked at the sweater, “Shopping for clothes isn’t really my thing.”

Yumichika stepped up, “Is there some place you want to shop at?”

“The bookstore,” Naoko said without hesitation. “And a shoe store.”

“The bookstore I can understand. Any …show more content…


Naoko sat down on the hard wood bench and patted the paper bag of newly bought books sitting at her feet. Shopping for clothes and shoes might be tedious and maddening but book shopping was something Naoko could do all day. Walking up and down aisles of towering bookcases crammed with books of every genre and subject never ceased to give her joy and peace.

“You certainly look happier now,” Yumichika said as he took a seat beside her.

She smiled at him, “I am now that I’ve got what I want.”

“That’s good, you looked like you were going to stab Matsumoto with a stiletto heel,” he joked though his assessment wasn’t too far off the mark.

The Quincy had reached her limit and luckily Yumichika saw that and gently guided (read: dragged away) her out of the store and to the nearest bookseller. The trip hadn’t been entirely fruitless and she had walked away with a new set of boots that she might not actually chew up later. Not to mention the new books she procured from her venture into her store of choice, she’d have to make room on her bookcase.

Naoko and Yumichika watched Matsumoto flit from shelf to shelf like a bee in a blooming garden looking at all the shoes while an exasperated Hitsugaya futilely tried to stop her. It was an amusing sight to witness a small boy try to stop a full-grown woman.

Realizing they had a moment alone together Naoko

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