Descriptive Essay On An Ethiopian Restaurant

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Upon driving into the small neighboring outlet behind the main N. Germantown Pkwy, stood an African restaurant in bulky, bold letters that read: Ethiopian Restaurant & Coffee; each word a different color of the Ethiopian flag: green, yellow, and red. Standing in front of the empty restaurant, I was bombarded with several modern advertisements on the clear, see-through windows in the form of stickers promoting their restaurant meant to attract customers such as “Free Wifi Inside”, “We Deliver”, and “XFINITY WIFI is here”. In addition to the advertisements, the door held two open signs— one electric and one plastic— along with the name Nani & Hareg in striking gold and red letters, and upon further research on the restaurant, it represented the name of the current manager. Reaching for the rectangular door handle, I was instantly greeted with bell chimes and a African waitress who seated me in chairs covered with white textiles in the center of the room. Having given me the menu, she had went away to turn on modern pop music and the lights near the counter. Once seated inside, I scanned the room. The windows were covered with deep red and white striped curtains neatly tied with a red, yellow, and green patterned cloth in a elegant fashion. The walls were a deep maroon with a slight orange tint decorated with paintings of African ancestors and sacred animals, posters of national monuments, and vividly imitated flowers. Fascinatingly, one wall was left white in the center

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