Descriptive Essay On Basketball

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The clock started ticking down as the ball was passed in bounds. Five seconds never seemed so long. We were losing by two points, and the whole team knew the game plan. The ball was swung around the perimeter, from sideline to sideline, until it landed in my hands. The clock read 2.5 seconds, there was only enough time for one last shot. Little did i know, that one shot, would change my life, and basketball career forever. With my feet behind the three point line, I jumped into my shot form. As I felt the ball roll off my fingertips and into the air, i knew it was going in. As I began to descend back to the ground, admiring my shot the whole way down, my knee buckled forward and gave out. I felt every muscle fiber in my knee begin to stretch and snap like a bungee cord under too much tension. The burn of muscles tearing and ripping as I fall straight to the floor. Holding my knee, through all the comotion, I heard the snap of the net, the shot was good, and we had won the game. After all the excitement died down between teammates, attention was directed towards me as i lay there in agony. The burning sensation shooting through my whole leg was hotter than any fire. My leg, helpless and limp, seemed lifeless as it rested on the hardwood. The coaches from both teams rushed over to do what they could to tend to me as I lay on the cold, hard, floor that had already began to clear. I was down for what felt like forever, but in reality was only about 10 minutes. The

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