The Day Of The Free Throw Line

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I begin to worry as I stand at the free throw line. Everyone is watching. My palms begin to sweat profusely. What will people think if I miss? I do not want to let down my teammates. The game is on the line. I have to make the shot. Breath. I take a breath, then slowly exhale. Be confident. I hold the ball between my shaking hands, and tell myself I can do it. Upon releasing the ball, the fans fall silent. Looking up at the basket, I see the basketball soaring closer to the hoop. Please go in. Everything seems to be in slow motion and then finally I hear, Swoosh! I did it. Goal setting can be a hard task at times. Every year New Year resolutions are created, but unfortunately 50% of resolutions fail before the end of January. Generating a resolution may seem easy and straightforward, but producing an achievable goal is what many people struggle with. Many women tell themselves that they will work out more in order to have a toned and skinny body just like a Victoria 's Secret model. The problem is, this is not a realistic and achievable. Therefore, these woman become unsuccessful in a short amount of time, leaving them with a sense of disappointment at the end of the year. Instead of creating an unlikely goal and failing, I have decided that in the year of 2016 I will focus on one simple word that will help with my motivation and self esteem at the end of the year when the goal is reached. In the upcoming year my one word resolution will be confidence. I plan to use this

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