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Stuck - A Memoir

It was Christmas Eve morning and my cat Sweetpea was laying on my legs purring. We were going to church that morning so I had to get ready.
“I have to get moving cat.” I didn’t think she could hear me, because hello, she’s a cat. I push her off and she meows at me. “I’m sorry I have to get ready.” So she jumps of my bed and goes out to the living room.
“Sweetpea!” My Mom calls for her and she came immediately. I hear the door open. She probably went outside. I finish getting ready and my mom and I head to church. When we get back from church, my mom calls for Sweetpea. She doesn’t come.
“That’s weird, usually she comes running when we call for her.” I say.
“We’ll call for her again before we go to Grandma’s.” My mom says.
The day goes on and I get ready to go to my Grandma’s house and when it's time to go, I call for her again.
“Sweetpea! Sweetpea!” She doesn’t come. I stand there for a while just watching for her. Maybe she got stuck in some barbwire in the field across the street, maybe someone took her, great last minute Christmas gift. I hope she’s OK. Our other cat Sake (Sock-ie) comes over to me and rubs against my leg. “Sake go find Sweetpea.” I say, and push her outside. She probably won’t be able to find her, but I hope she can. When we get back from my Grandma’s house, it was late and Sake was at the door but not Sweetpea. I let Sake inside and call for Sweetpea again. She doesn’t come.
“It's late Em, we’ll find her in the morning, and
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