Descriptive Essay On The Menil Museum

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I recently visited the Menil Collection, this is a very small humble museum. The Menil Collection is a museum that holds multiple artworks. The museum is located in a neighborhood next to a little area where people can go out and picnic and hang out with the their families for a while. I fact about the Menil Collection that surprised me was how they consider their grass art. My sister and I accidently stepped on the grass not knowing it was art and when we were handed a booklet describing a couple of their art pieces the grass was on their! The museum also has a couple of sculptures and landmarks located right outside the building. Before stepping in into the museum I observed that it was very small, and I thought there was not going to be any interesting art pieces since it was so small. The outside of the building was very simple, it was a white small building with large windows, nothing that really caught my attention. Once we were greeted by the employee we collected a couple of brochures for the background information of the artworks and we headed in. The first room of the museum really did not have any interesting art pieces, they were basic squares and circles with primary colors. I really enjoyed how the art pieces were separated depending on their movement, such as surrealism,abstract,and sculptures. There were many special exhibitions, the one that stood out the most to me was “ Hurting the word Radio”. This art piece was created by Edward Ruscha using oil on

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