Descriptive Essay On The Onion City

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The cacophony of car horns blare like a trumpet section gone rogue. The fast pace makes even the firmest people grow dizzy and exhausted. The public transport mimics that of an elaborate labyrinth. The hectic and deafening avenues are lined with haphazard people. But, in the glistening shine of the sun, the crispness the sky, the serenity of the clouds, the freshness of the air, lies the wonder and accomplishment of the city: its architecture. Before, it was just simple and quaint land. The people of long-ago farmed upon these lands. They even named the territory after their word for onion, which was grown there. As the white men travelled west, spreading their ideologies, claiming more territory, the “Onion City” evolved from a tiny hamlet to a bustling town. Through more efforts and new technologies, concrete and steel trees became the norm. The singular architecture flavour the city like a well-chosen and aromatic spice from the earth of a far-away nation. These vast, omnipotent: awesome feats of engineering strike the heart with pure awe and motivation. They motivate the souls of men who aspire to be free like the birds that fly near them. They amaze the gawkers, mothers, fathers, workers, squatters‒ everyone. Despite the wonderful and epic landscape of concrete and steel, trash rules the streets like an unsightly tyrant. Open bags of trash are left open on the street as an invitation to a 5-star restaurant for raucous raccoons! The nauseating, putrid, macabre scent of

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