Descriptive Essay On The Pond

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The Pond
It was only supposed to be a nice day at the pond. Although it was summer, most of the days had been muggy, and under 65 degrees. Finally, Beyulah and I had a breakthrough. We woke with the sun shining through my window and a 80 degree forecast, so we packed a water bottle, sparkling cider, and a pack of Twix™ and got onto our bikes.
Immediately we encountered a problem. As we reached the main road, a huge construction truck was parked at the end of my street, we found the road was being repaved. The workers said that we could wait for the pilot car and ride along with the cars, so that’s what we began to do. But, as we sat, the sun beating down on us, Beyulah and I couldn’t stand it any longer. We hopped back on our bikes, and started riding down the other dirt road that looped through houses then back to the main road.
We got a little over a mile up that road when I had an idea. “We can keep going down here and get there normally, or we can ride down one of these older sketchy trails I used to ride that’ll be faster.” We made the obvious decision and started down the shortcut. This was, as we found, the wrong decision.
I was in front of Beyulah, navigating all the old paths. Unfortunately, being in front meant taking the brunt of all the huge, sticky spiderwebs that had been weaved across the trail. I’d hit the web, panic and almost crash, causing beyulah to break hard and fall over. We’d get back up, rinse and repeat for about another mile. Once we were back

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