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The Backhandspring That Changed Me Forever I grab the tiny green bowl in front of Autumn and place it in the stainless steel sink. I swipe my hand under the faucet and clear water comes pouring out. The remains of the now cold mac’n’cheese soaks up the water and swirls down the drain. I look over my shoulder to my sweet Autumn, who is still sitting in the chair with her tiny arms and filthy fingers draped on the counter. “Autumn honey,” I say. “Go wash your hands.” She glances at me and crinkles her nose. “But, mommy, I don’t want to.” she whines. “If you want to go on the water trampoline with daddy then you have to.” She still doesn’t move. “1,2,...” I start counting. Autumn’s body pops up. She quickly climbs like a monkey down…show more content…
It makes me so happy to see her excited when she finally gets one. My attention is drawn to Autumn again, who is doing a front flip. She has never landed one, but I have faith that she will soon. I close my eyes and start to doze off when I hear a scream. My motherly instincts immediately flow through my blood and I burst up. Is Autumn okay? Is Jim okay? I start sprinting down the dock by the trampoline. I almost fall in the water as I halt to a stop.
“What happened!” I yell nervously.” Is Autumn hurt?” My husband looks at me in confusion.
“What do you mean? Autumn just landed her front flip!” My husband announced joyfully. I glimpse down at Autumn, her face is lit up. I smile. I throw my arms up in happiness. Then, a memory erupts in my brain like a volcano. I start to remember the first time I did my backhandspring by myself... * * * * * * I stare down the long slick black tumble track, with red mats on both sides squishing it into a sandwich. A female figure waits for me at the end of it. Sweat rolls down my face. I need to do it, I tell myself, Coach Jenni is there to spot me. “You can do it Kendall.” Jenni says. “Just keep everything tight.”
“Okay I can do this.” I copy. The words of reassurance build up my confidence. You’ll be safe, I take a deep breath. Three, Two, One. I go. Everything 's a blur, from the hurdle to the ending rebound. I stand up, magically appearing next to Jenni. I did it? I did it!!!!!!! My face glows with

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